Shalom, Peace be on Earth

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Helpful Websites

Shalom Readers,

The world has recently experienced many heartaches related to Children and their families. The world celebrates many holy days during this time of year. With Holy Days, comes thoughts of teaching our children enduring traditions, values and virtues to honor. In  light of the children who were killed by knives in China, many who were killed in the USA in their schools, including four high school students killed… I know many of us are finding ourselves with a sober and quiet spirit.

This is a good time to show love, compassion and understanding not only to each other, but to the Creator who values each life and sincerely desires to comfort each one.  Whether  you do or do not celebrate anything  this season, spend some time seeking the holder of the values and virtues we all strive to gain. Let  traditions that have taken up time rather than value be put aside this season, and renegotiate your direction this year. 2013 is bound to be one of the most illuminating years of all time!

Thank God for reaching out. Let us reach back.







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