It All Goes Back To the Mayan Taco

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Helpful Websites

After watching for high Tides, Earthquakes, Tsunami”s, Sea and Land Volcano’s, Pestilence, Post Glacier Rebound, Jetstreams from Japan carrying isotopes from nuclear meltdowns, San Ononofre Hijinks, and mourning the death of Dave Brubeck and a host of other giants who died this month… What’s a conspiracist to do?

Listen to her “Mexican Mother” of course!!! Turn to Tacos. Just mix plenty of liver cleansing Cilantro, use soft shell non GMO  corn tortillas and use organic ingredients. And use plenty of Wesson Oil to fry those suckers! Lol!!! The warm spice of Life may yet come back to live within ones spirit… in the meantime, don’t forget to geiger count those ingredients, especially the cheese which showed a 400% increase in Cesium 134 in California’s Happy Cow milk.  But I digress, just enjoy the warmth of the spice of life and a good hot greasy taco. You’ll live longer during the  soon coming apocalyptic days. Don’t worry! Be Happy! And don’t forget the Tabasco sauce!!






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