YOU make the world go round…

Posted: November 10, 2012 in Helpful Websites

Dear Reader

Why is it that people often think it’s such a sacrifice to take care of an ailing individual? What has caused this general moral malaise to overcome our culture? Why should taking care of an elder be “reduced” to a comparison to one’s “collegiate professional ability?” or what “one was trained to do?” on a business or vocational level? What is common now days is that in order to complete what I consider as a moral obligation is the notion that you must “sacrifice” your soul on the alter of the mundane to do so… Well, let’s reconsider this notion, shall we?

When did it happen in America that doing “What one was trained to do” overcomes, disengages, compromises, demeans, diminishes and/or obfuscates the necessity and moral obligation of taking care of those who are frail or elderly?  This is a poisonous treason that has too often (not always),  pointed a misleading path to our morality as a nation.

You really have to stand up to your own ego, and the horrific messages of others who somehow diminish the task of lovingly taking care of an elderly person to defend the moral strength, personal fortitude in order to engage in this activity. If you are doing a great job, you will have studied Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Know world history practically inside and out in order to understand higher conversations and implications of idiosyncratic traits, have humor, be able to know and  have gained some kind of Chaplaincy in order to address spiritual end of life issues! Does that take a “dumb” person? No way! And where did the implication come that “simpletons” do this kind of work? It takes more degrees and a fierce work ethic on top of that to accomplish the task with the finesse it deserves!  It takes a renaissance scholar has a heart of compassion! And it doesn’t hurt to have  a good musical background and be able to play one instrument well for their enjoyment or appreciate their musical history.

The  messages from others usually come from others who have not, or who have barely taken care of an elderly person themselves. So hold your head up high when changing that adult diaper! You have more applied compassion and knowledge than most, and working in the trenches with the frail and elderly, you must have the heart and mind of a physician if you are worth your salt!

So keep using your knowledge and critical thinking skills! Your patient needs them, and others needs your patience. Because until you’ve tried it, you don’t know if you like it! Listen, it is the caregivers of every aged frail person that really keeps the world going around!




PS: But one thing is for sure, you won’t get rich doing this kind of work by any means! And maybe that is why those who need and rely on higher taxes downgrade the notion of  some of the most spiritual work on the planet. Leave the scum bags behind and be a kinder, smarter sort of person. Try it today! : )


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