The Hymn Book; Life’s Treasure Chest… try one today!

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Helpful Websites

Many people today are not aware of what a hymn book is. Today we have large screens with words on them in the front of the church, and the hymn books are either non existent, or have become a decor like the plants at the altar. However, if you have ever experienced congregational singing, or just sitting down for yourself and singing the hymns from an “old fashioned” hymn book, found somewhere in most churches, it can be comforting and revealing. Well, they may be hiding in the cellar, or they may be at your pew or chair… or the ushers may be the holders of the sacred hymn books.

Some of the hymns have fascinating stories behind them. For instance, “How Great Thou Art” was written by a man whose entire family died on a ship that sunk far out in the ocean. Yet, this was his response to the disaster! Look at how many people have benefited from his choice to see things in the best light possible! There are many other stories that can be found throughout the old hymn books, behind those old songs. Each song  is deep and expands upon a story from someone’s experience with life, and their spiritual journey. Yet, these hymns seem to never make it to the big screen during song services in the current church. So I challenge each and every one of you to…

… take a gander through a few hymns in an old hymn book. They can be found online as well, but they won’t have that same sense of journey… reading them from the books is  like finding a sacred text in the scrolls of old! “How Great Thou Art”, “Just a Little Talk with Jesus”,  “Abide with Me”, “In the Garden”, and of course “Amazing Grace” come to mind when I sense there has been a song recorded and articulated with sacred journey experiences. Hymns are something akin to the sacred message that we  can cling to and engage our very beings in joyful, respectful and concerted praise.  Prayer and wonder of the common human experience, the common strain of our inner voices towards a Mighty God, and the sanctity of peace  can be found in an old hymn book. Find one sometime, and read the words, learn the music and enjoy the shared sense of awe and wonder with many who have sung these songs before you!  The writer that met the challenge of putting angst, faith, wonder, awe, grace and knowledge of pure mercy into song.  It is a great way to feed your spirit during these trying times. I urge you to try it today, no matter how you identify your faith, know that the timeless wonder of love belongs to each and every one of us, and this is one way to re-experience our sacred destiny;  to explore things beyond our mundane lives.




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