Posted: November 8, 2012 in Helpful Websites

Dear Reader, 

Hi, it’s just me… I have decided to take down my blog in about a week.  For all intense and purposes the blog will be dormant or gone by Monday November  12, 2012. This will give my faithful followers some time to get subbed to those videos that they find interesting. I will be putting up two more recipes that I promised someone (Lo Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies), and my favorite peach cobbler recipe.  A  poem rather than a story will be posted  in the coming days.  Please feel free to go through my personal writings and use whatever you would like on the front page and reblog my stories if you have them, with my name.  

It has been a sweet ride, except for the over 700 spams that I have gotten from a few individuals. Why they would choose to spam a blog that is not worldwide popular, ranks in the same category of the intelligence of spamming overall. However, that is not the reason, obviously that I am going dormant or “dead”.  I hope that you all have enjoyed the variety on the blog, everything from humor (which we all need about now),  relationship advice, great music and my short stories and poems. It is the genius’s on Youtube that has made blogging so effortless and added another venue to reach their world. So thank you to all of those whose materials I got to re-post! And the musicians, keep up the good work too! AND a great shout out to those who posted comments and to all of my COMMUNITY partners! What a great inspiration and support you have been!!!! THANK YOU!!!! 

Feel free to come back until Monday as I will “tie up” some last-minute videos and personal commentary.




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