Is a Rewrite in Order?

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Helpful Websites

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait until this Wednesday (October 17th)! That is when I will be changing up my post on my short story! This weeks short was inspired by someone’s life story. And I am glad that that chapter is quite over for them… though I certainly wasn’t in the bedroom with them… it was just inspired of what it might be like. ANYWAY… we tell ourselves stories about ourselves more often than what we are aware of! Can we change the story? Do we like the story? Is the life story you are writing feeling inspired? What character do you play in your story overall, and what are the themes in your life story that seem to play throughout each chapter? Can you imagine for a moment how all your life chapters have lead your character to this point in time? Can you even define or illustrate for yourself the point in time your character represents in the story? What strategies and outcomes in today’s chapter, or changes in your character would you want to change in your life story today?

Yes, I mean, really… what can you do today to change up your character, and add or change your story? If your character falls today, can you direct your character (you) to fall “forward” instead of “backward”? Can you  laugh at different jokes than you normally do (as long as they are up to your standard?) Can you learn something about another persons culture and enjoy it enough to add a bit of it into your own? And how many characters and chapters are you involved with  at one time anyway? Do you ever feel like a split personality? Can you stop and redefine your character so that your story line stays consistent with her/him, but still have a ton of new and fun experiences? Read back through the chapters and ask  “How does my character mourn”, and does this help your character? Is there a better way? Is there anything that detracts from your characters mission or story that could be weeded out to present a clearer or  more profound  dynamic in your story?

Finally, if “someone” like yourself, were reading your story, how would you want the story to change up? Do you think you could start a new chapter with a more “novel” character or more profound thoughts and adventures? Sure! Try it! I can hardly wait to change up my short story on Wednesday for you! But in the meantime, I am going to start on my own authentic chapter today! Have fun with your editing today, and talk with you again  soon!



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