When Paying Big Bucks for Education Remember This!

Posted: September 29, 2012 in Helpful Websites

“In natural law and the reactions in our own natures everything that belongs to the material world is unfinished, and takes place in an unfinished world ….  Mortal existence is an unfinished business…Everything is growing but nothing completed it’s growth…all visible things disappear… we can read books up to a certain point, we can perform experiments up to a certain point but… his own soul must perfect the structures of his life. All structures in life have the top missing… has a flaw an original flaw.”      Manly P. Hall

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    • lista; Thank you for you comment. I certainly have had my own challenges with the journey into higher education. And many others have had as well over the last two decades. Please come back and visit anytime! I also have started a short story section revised each Wednesday, and authored by me. I hope you enjoy my new postings, and daily music postings. Feel free to “follow” me! Blessings, Julie

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