What Are You Willing To Sacrifice Today?

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Helpful Websites

Have  you have visited the youtube production below re; Media? The great reviews on this work of art goes to show that people are tired of being pulled into a matrix that keeps them tired, weary and oppressed.  Doing what the Media purports may be fun at first, just like a drug. Later, it costs too  much on every level. Then you forget who you are. That is the crises point. There is a point where you can return to your self. Perhaps not without “Sacrifices”. But what and whom are you really sacrificing NOW? If you continue to sacrifice your true self on the altar of “Baal”, or the baser things of this world, you pay the ultimate sacrifice.  If you have found the sacrifice too great but are unable to get out, turn to the one who has sacrificed Himself in order to bring you Life.  I found I have been able to “rise above the matrix”  only when I turn to Him.  After all, I am only human. Have a truly prosperous day! Shalom, Julie


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