GOT HOMEWORK? Please comment! Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Helpful Websites

Can you feel in your senses that Fall has arrived? The evenings and early mornings have the scent of   “Fall”. What does Fall mean to you? It has always been my favorite time of year! Except, that school was about to embark on a months long journey of… Homework!

There were a few homework assignments that actually were meaningful. These were book reviews. One was on Orwell’s 1984, and the other was on B.F. Skinner’s  Walden II.  Unfortunately my Social Studies instructor retrieved these assignments to make sure that I had “really written them.” I never did get them back.  I devalued the work of that writing feat and left it to his un-discerning scholarship within a pile of papers somewhere, never to have heard from him again on the topic.  I actually devalued my  work and didn’t ask about  it again because the critique came too easily,  was naturally invigorating and intrinsically inspiring.  THAT  should have been a marker for my FUTURE vocation! Not a devaluation of  my labor!  I wish I had stood up to his doubt and revisited that assignment with him before the semester was over. Nevertheless,  the value remains from those critiques when I seriously examine the social issues arising today, where technology has taken us, and how we have in many ways moved beyond the technologies in these  futuristic novels into technologies that go beyond their literary limitations.

What assignments have become or are becoming  meaningful to you as you experience new homework ? How much will you invest in the quality of your work? How will the “effortlessness”, the “increased energy”, the “intellectual shot in the arm” inform you on your future endeavors as a young or young at heart person? What really intrigues you as you are assigned new homework assignments? Which direction might you consider as a vocation based on these things? And more importantly, are you willing to let this inform you to the point where you will stand up for your dreams as your inner soul directs? Please contribute your comment, no matter your age or vocation! I am giving away a small prize in order that you will have the “scent of fun” written into your Fall writing experience as you enrich the lives of others!  We would love to hear from you!  Here’s to your future! PS: I will contact the winner of the gift card on October 2, 2012!!   Sincerely, Julie


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